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you have to also change the amount of topics you are in and then copy it because it will change the height
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rdg 6 months ago

Alight, should be all good now

Making a little spot on my website where I review music. Any albums I should review?
eltanin 7 months ago

Why don't you review something you like first? One of your favorite albums?

pinkerton 7 months ago

maladroit by weezer I guess

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luficerslounge 7 months ago

do an album you really like and then maybe review some up and coming artists albums

rdg 6 months ago

I was planning to do some recent albums and add on the side some albums I really but I mainly want to stick with recent albums.

you have to put the CAG button on your website before i can add you to CAG
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rdg 7 months ago

Added it to my site :)

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