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rdg 3 days ago

Just want to test how everything looks, going to make it more interactive

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rdg 3 days ago

definitely compressing all of the photos

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Finished the redesign, or at least the general concept. Will post the bare bones version of it later so I can test on how it looks like on a phone and then start to import my old music reviews and add new content.
so is there any active neocities discords around?
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corgan 2 weeks ago

Seconded....or at some point I'm gonna have to do my own. IRC or XMPP.

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lancer502 2 weeks ago

All the servers are dead

rdg 2 weeks ago

figured, we need a new toxic discord

corgan 2 weeks ago

If anyone is on XMPP, which too few people are,, Room: neocities. Who knows.

Fashion websites have such a nice aesthetic
Quick question: How do you guys format your pages to just say /home/ in steam of home.html on the searchbar?
corgan 3 weeks ago

Make a folder: /home/ and put your page in it. Rename the page to /index.html and it should load as *

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rdg 3 weeks ago

Thank you <3

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