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I plan to put out a couple of reviews by next week. Any new albums I should listen to? Might add a page of my record collection, i dunno
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webshark 6 months ago

Maybe listen to Blue Monday by New Order... its a reminder of the old days of techno and electro beats :)

sicklycarpet 6 months ago

you could nose through my ''soundchecking'' page, i have listed a lot of electronica in it, i think stuff like ''the robots'' and trans-europe-express by kraftwerk are great too, oh and i am a total ZEE nut as well.

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I love using Atom to make new pages but man does the vibrant ink color scheme on here look great
elementz 6 months ago

Same, I love atom and vs code a lot

sicklycarpet 6 months ago

my mum likes my site only when i put weirder humour into it. i just don't quite believe it

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rdg 6 months ago

Glad to be, love your website.

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