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After today, i'll finally be able to add a lot more to my website. Who would've guess that college is really time-consuming. Maybe I'll even read a book
rdg 8 months ago

I picked up Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep in July and never touched it since.

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yudosai 8 months ago

It’s a great read, much different than Bladerunner! Let me know what you think if/when you get to it!

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sicklycarpet 8 months ago

I think the last time i read a whole piece of fiction think i was probably 8! and that would of been ''The turbulent term of Tyke Tiler'', i since have tried Neuromancer and Tarker the otter, but i never finished them. it is a shame really because i picked up two of the MYST novels a year back, and i ain't touched them. i know how you feel. if read anything these days it is always non-fiction or technical reference.

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