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yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesss.. yeeess very good yeees yeees
pocl.v was updated.
1 year ago
pocl 1 year ago

made my TOS easier to read, and made payment upfront instead of after the rough sketch stage

OK THIS KICKS SO MUCH ASS.... EVERYONE DID A FANTASTIC JOB & it's so cool to see how each character was interpreted!! drawing charlie was a delight (REALLY COOL CHARACTER DESIGN) (I LOVE BRIGHT COLOURS) this was a LOT of fun
pocl 2 years ago

+ newt i LOVE your take on kera'tiv and the feel was spot on!!! WHAT a cool scene oh my GOD.. and i love how you drew their terrible zipper teeth

pleurodelinae 2 years ago

Thank you so much !! <3 it was so fun drawing them!

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WOW your site is incredible. such a cool blend of impressive visual art and programming :D I love your art work!! I cant wait to see more from you
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planned site features: re-add the homepage red water to smaller screen sizes in gif form, overhaul the gallery so each section is a seperate page (so you dont have to load everything at once, i REFUSE to upload lower-resolution art, how else would you be able to see the dithering?!), add a "recent updates" box... somewhere..., get better music for my about page, and work on a special secret project...

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