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Killer site, dude. I still say "lolwut" and call the net serious business (usually shortened to "srs bsns") on a regular basis. I also saw your page about the old Disney Channel announcer. You might be interested to learn that he (or someone who sounds suspiciously like him) is now the announcer for the TV channel "Laff". Here's a sample:
lolwut 1 month ago

Thanks, friend. One day about two years ago I also stumbled upon the Laff channel, and would have forgotten about it completely if it weren't for me encountering once again Cam's familiar voice in the bumpers, which I recognized immediately after years of hearing him on Disney Channel. I tune in on occasion only to hear him, and don't even bother to watch their shows.

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lolwut? was updated.
1 month ago
encounters-ltd 1 month ago

like this toonami article. have you perchance watched the adult swim revival?

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lolwut 1 month ago

Yes, of course! Every week since 2012. I don't mention the revival in this page, though, as I wanted to focus on the final broadcast in 2008.

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Our Lord and Savior
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otaking 1 month ago

the hero that we need but do not deserve


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