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1 week ago
holeinmyheart 1 week ago

fuck my bright yellow lego ass. you just reminded me after an over decade long burial in the recesses of my degenerate brain of that harry potter game

koshka 1 week ago

That picture frame feels like a fancier version of the end-screen in the good, old version of Solitaire.

rbuchanan 1 week ago

Nota bene: 32-bit versions of (Klondike) Solitaire, Spider, Freecell, etc. from Windows 95 through XP will still run on current versions of Windows, requiring a fraction of the resources gorged by their contemporary counterparts.

frogesay 1 week ago

Zoomer YTP

lolwut 1 week ago

Eh, I still prefer 2000s YTP. Not one of the example videos on that page had a clip from the CD-i games, the old Mario or Sonic TV shows, SpongeBob SquarePants, iCarly, Drake & Josh, etc. (The page remarks that the video sources are from that Vine site, which is also foreign to me.)

lolwut? was updated.
2 weeks ago
koshka 2 weeks ago

Congratulations on the domain name!! Moving up in the world, I see.

frogesay 2 weeks ago

Congratulations on wasting $20 on a domain name!! Moving up in the world, I see.

rbuchanan 2 weeks ago

Very nice. info and us are my preferred tldns.

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lolwut 2 weeks ago

Aha, it was only around $8, Froge. At least I don't "Like" my own comments! :^)

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otaking 1 week ago

one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind

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