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invisibleup 3 months ago

Deleted most of the outdated pages on here, since it's all hosted on my personal server now. Let me know if anything's horribly broken from this.

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read the article on smartphone ergonomics, very informative read! hope you don't mind the follow ^^
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invisibleup 1 year ago

trying to refresh the thumbnail...

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hii! i love your articles you write its really inspiring and has been a topic of conversation with me and my friends during brunch <3 your exercises in the phone ergonomics article helped sooth my developing soon-to-be arthritis :')
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I had a quick sink into a couple of your articles. Very well done!
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Hey! I loved your write up of Web3! Thank you for fighting the good fight.
i'm starting to find it fascinating that this site looks exactly how it did in 2014. feels like neocities itself is slipping into the backlog of time.
yudosai 3 years ago

time itself is meaningless here. neocites itself is the phase

I should browse Neocities more. I keep forgetting how much good stuff is here.
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New article on the new site, "Why I Procrastinate":
I found a way to hide the follower notifications! If you have uBlock Origin installed, go to the dashboard and add the filter "". Should work with Adblock Plus too.

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