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koinuko 1 year ago

I totally agree with that sentiment of self-referentiality being super tiring. Those stupid 'discover' things on Android phones that you can't turn off are always 'news' sites reporting on some TikTok that somebody made and how people react to it, and somehow I end up clicking on them because I care so LITTLE about it, and the article is literally like "someone made a TikTok. Here are some comments on the video." ???

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koinuko 1 year ago

Things like that have been bugging me so so bad and I really could not figure out how to describe/explain it. However, I do enjoy discussion of the internet as a medium when it's a more personal reflection by one person rather than a weird monetization thing with no substance.

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cyuucat 1 year ago

Agreed with that last comment! And holy shit I emphasize with your first. It drives me nuts. I guess the best we can do is try to influence our tiny internet sphere to be a bit better <3

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