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Neocities, which one is worth buying: Acer TravelMate TMP259-MG-39WS or Lenovo Ideapad 520-15?
vas 2 years ago

Depends on what you're paying. If it's the exact same, I prefer Lenovo hardware cause it works well with Linux and it's easier finding guides/parts for repairs.

ake 2 years ago

This particular version Acer version I've found comes with Linux (I've not found what they use, probably Ubuntu). On the other hand I've heard about Lenovo models which have incompatible HDD controller which require firmware/drivers available only for the latest Windows.

vas 2 years ago

Yes, the newer hardware you buy, the higher the likelihood you'd need a distro with a newer kernel, though some distros backport patches. I've tested a i3-6006U laptop and Debian runs fine on it, but I haven't got my hands on any Kaby Lake hardware yet. I'm waiting for Cannonlake and/or AMD competition with mobile Ryzen for better deals at the expense of my capitalist overlords. xD

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