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Did you ever see those Trek alien redesigns on Tumblr? I haven't had an account there in years but that was my favorite bit of Trek fandom in recent years.
vegetablearian 5 months ago

The more animal-looking DS9 ones? Yeah, they're pretty cool! I'm very fond of the humans-with-something-glued-to-their-foreheads designs, but I liked seeing more differences, especially when it can affect their behaviour/perception/abilities :)

slimysomething 5 months ago

Yeah, lots of people had their own take on it but I think a Tumblr user named engingerboom/subspacecommunication posted more of it than anyone else. That blog is private or something now. Lots of Garak and Bashir fanart came out of that too.

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I've read your "Retro Web" article and I do agree browsing Neocities as a 30 y.o. feels bittersweet. On one hand, it's great that younger folks nowadays still appreciate the emo/alternative aesthetic (I was more of a punk rock girl, but hung out with the OG emo community too). On the other, I sometimes feel like that Fresh Prince episode where he performs a play along with kindergarten kids. xD
valycenegative 6 months ago

Bottom line, I'm happy to see there are also people of my age still enamoured with personal pages/domains and CSS design.


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