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so uh...idk when i'll be able to update again (or rather be consistent about it) because on one hand i would 100% be down to making 2 pages a day and i have the means and all that to do so.but on the other hand if i enact on doing so,the very little stability that i have (in regards to my family being super judgey about it and stuff of that vein) would be completely gone and stuff would fall apart.
sninkygle 8 months ago

so it boils down to two things do i A) not keep every bit of creativity i have bottled up and risk my family finding out and judging me for being trans and stuff of that nature or do i B) keep everything bottled up and essentially go insane? and yes i've been at this kind of cross roads since march...and its not been fun so idk what truely is the right play here

sninkygle 8 months ago

and like yeah at first glance you cant pick anything up and you'll be left with confusion and everything but i mean it honestly doesnt take much to find...literally anything about me via this site

sninkygle 8 months ago

and another thing to note is that if stuff does go south i have no way of rebounding so a lot more is at stake here then just judgement..cause yes i live with that type of people

sninkygle 8 months ago

so until something gives im not really sure when i'll be able to update properly honestly sucks that i can only really make one page of stuff every now and then but its not really in my control to bee fair

sninkygle 8 months ago

anyway so thats a bit of an update as to where stuff is heading...for now i think (stuff may very likely change)

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