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Hey, this might seem a bit silly or weird, but I'm actually really glad you have a "DFI" page on your site! There's nothing "that person" about wanting to keep yourself safe, comfortable, and distant from gross/harmful people ^_^ If anything, it's inspired me to buck up and finally add a DFI on my own site someday.
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sandyplanetz 1 year ago

aww tysm!! i hope u get the courage to add one! it kinda makes me feel better lol :) hav a good day yoshi bro

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theyoshiclubhouse 1 year ago

Thank you! ^_^ I'm a bit too anxious to put a legit DFI page on my site, so instead I made some banners that'll hopefully get the message across. You have a nice day too! ^_^

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sandyplanetz 1 year ago

lol i hate when the dad page is put in the spotlight but uh :) yah updated it

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