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Stream tonight has been cancelled. It's been moved to next week.
Might as well plug the only part of this site I ever update (again): my streams. In March I'll have misc streams on Saturdays but they're still listed here:
Honestly thinking of replacing this site with something else, or at least moving the Sonic stuff to a subdirectory since I'm not really as big of a Sonic fan any more. I should probably just replace the inactive Touhou subsite with something completely silly anyways... I kinda miss having my personal website, so maybe I'll host one of those.
websitering 2 weeks ago

I'd vote on moving the Sonic stuff to a sub-directory; I hate to loose information. :(

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stationsquare 2 weeks ago

@websitering: Yeah, especially considering how long I'd worked on this website. Maybe I could convert it to a general video game site since there's never been a time I didn't adore vidya. Or maybe just a site for geeky stuff in general, like cartoons and comics too.

Hey guys! There's new stuff in the Anime Night schedule, so head over to to check it out!

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