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Send me a message on Discord or something if you want an archive of the old site. I'll be over at from now on--frankly, I think this old site is a godawful mess and I really don't think it should stay up. Nothing immoral (if you're a reasonably well-adjusted individual and not my ex-girlfriend), but a grim reminder of who I used to be. I do not like 13-15yo me.
Smells like 2017 in here! I'd like to rehaul this site one day, but that'll probably take forever, so it's stilll in archive mode... sort of. I opened up the webring again, in case anyone still wants to join. I can't guarantee I'll remove broken/missing widgets regularly, though. Even once I cleanse this hellsite of the 2017 SonTails BS, it'll probably still be pretty inactive.
Again, I've moved over to @bullwinkles-corner. I'll be updating that with a chao blog soon!
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stationsquare 5 years ago

This site deserves better there's too much SonTails shitposting that I associate with a negative time in my life

1 like I probably won't update this site much, so the new website, as promised, will be here. I'll upload new pages as I finish them.
stationsquare 5 years ago

Also, because of this, the anime nights site is now located at

The stream is starting right now!
Hey, sorry, I missed today's stream. So we'll be streaming tomorrow night at 9PM instead.
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Tonight's stream is at 7, don't miss it.
Stream tonight has been cancelled. It's been moved to next week.
Might as well plug the only part of this site I ever update (again): my streams. In March I'll have misc streams on Saturdays but they're still listed here:
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