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ugh i just updated my entire site by removing all my http:// links why did i build this website so sloppily :| i now have a headache
after looking through your site I think u have a big heart and it shows, you seem like a genuinely nice person!!!
ok so now my site is blocked by google chrome when i type in the address wHat is happening
sandyplanetz 6 days ago

i guess ill go through my entire site and clean up the code and my files :/ idk why its doing this but ill see if itll help

43719x 6 days ago

Are you putting the url as https and not http yeah? I know sometimes that can cause issues because http isn’t considered secure anymore

sandyplanetz 4 days ago

i think thats the issue; whenever i made my site i sloppily took images and copied links and i think some had http instead of https so TT-TT

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