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thanks for stopping by my site. I loved your about page and I’m going through your journal - it inspired me to modify my own journal soon, maybe focus on a little longer writing form, and more organized.
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malachite-green 1 year ago

Hey! Welcome. Journals are a lot of fun, and there's lots of room for both short updates and longer stuff. Looking forward to keeping up with your page.

your site is so pretty!! i especially liked the web as a form of expression pages; they make really good use of the potential for webpages to be soft and a space to breathe :DDD
ramses 1 year ago

ooooh! Thank you so much for checking it out! I appreciate your comment & love your website too, it works great on mobile and have such a relaxing feeling πŸ’›

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😍 great site! I will definitely spend more time on it later. I love your stamps and blog ⭐️
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softwareangel 1 year ago

Thank you so much, Ramses! <3 I also really love your site and your travels

ramses 1 year ago

I keep "track" of the music I add to my homepage here – mostly things I discover or I like that day. I'm excited about how this will build up over time.

I'm thinking about designing a new button for my site :bow: any advice? my page don't have a specific topic, so I don't really know...
lostletters 1 year ago

It’s nice to base them off your layout, so you can make more if you ever change the color scheme etc.

ramses 1 year ago

new entry <3

β˜€οΈ added a new page with a small animated experiment.
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thanks for the follow!! your site is awesome the code as expression page is really creative :)
ramses 1 year ago

thank you so much! :bow:

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