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Hello! This account runs a (mainly ship-centered) fansite for two characters from the horror game, Corpse Party. I'd love to be a part of your webring for fansites across Neocities. The url is!
fandango 2 weeks ago

Hi, your website is now in the ring and you can add the webring widget on your site! Sorry for the delay, I was travelling

I would be interested in joining the fanlisting webring with my website !
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fandango 1 month ago

Your website is in the ring! You can add the webring widget now

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candypop-garden 1 month ago

Meant to write more in that reply. The widget should be on my index now and I'll start adding it to my other pages as well. Would you be able to check it for me rq to make sure it's working fine not just on my side but other people's too?

fandango 1 month ago

Yes, it seems to be working :]

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