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hello! if you don't mind i'd like to join the lesbiering if thats okay with you <3 my name is pony, my site is known as 'dreamvalley' its a WIP but i use this site to talk about my daily life and the things i love esp my wifey ^^
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I would also like to join the lesbiering, my name is Laura, my site is called 'wintr' A personal site where I share my online and offline adventures
I would love to join the Lesbiering! My name is Small Sketch and my site is called The Forest. !!! I post art and characters and want to create a nice area for people to explore <3
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Hey, I'd like to join! My site's name is Verrerdise, the URL is and it's a site for the k-pop group Verivery. Thanks! :)
lesbiering!! count me in! my name is Pocchi! site title is 'AIOI!'. Just a time traveler's cozy corner on the web... expect lots of blogging!! i like nintendo, pokemon, & slice of life anime!
I'd like to join the fansites webring! My name can be listed as honowo, the url is and is called Nier: Reincarnation library. The subject is Nier: Reincarnation and you can find link embed graphics on
I'd like to join the lesbiering. Name's Sango., site title is ikaroll.
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Haiii!!! I would love if I could join the lesbiering! I’m Bri, my site is bio: it’s a small personal project, filled with my web journal, shrines, and basically anything I like and think is kool! :P

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