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hiya .............. im still alive <3
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i wrote this huuuuuuuuuuuge review of jeepers creepers and im gonna add it to here eventually but i just jumped on here to post this big thing i wrote about La Plays Itself, a movie i watched 2day and couldnt stop thinking about . i just wrote all of it n barely edited it i just needed to get it outttttt its on /home . nsfw warning i guess bc it Is about a gay porno tho but its such a good movie ughhhh
guestbook is up n running send me film recs NEOWWWWWW
OKAYYYYYYYYY WE GOT A GUESTBOOK!!!!!!!!!! this was easier than i thought it be lol . pls send me film recs + hate mail !!!
coffinjoe 3 months ago

added a guestbook icon to /home . (it didnt take 40 minutes thats just how long it took for me to sift thru the 15k windows icons until i found something that looked good enough . and im still not happy lol i might change it

coffinjoe 3 months ago

ok i changed the icon i think it looks cute now

was gonna add new music to the amp but my regular mp3 site is acting up rn and i dont feel like looking for another one . can you guys just listen to call on me by janet on ur streaming service/piracy thingy of choice
how did u guys get your guestbooks .. im lazy
new movie added (last tcm entry) + rambles on readme . i think /home has basically shaped up the way i wanted it 2 i dont know what else i even want to add (a guestbook.) ok byee
coffinjoe 3 months ago

oh i also updated all that stuff to the main site - i was procrastinating doing that lol. idk if i wanna make /home my main bc even though i like it more i still think what i have as the main site rn is better . its like . easier for u guys to get into and then if you want to read more you can go to /home and see my rambling . im also rlly proud of the design it was basically my firstborn baby i worked so hard on it!

HEYYYYYYYYYY its been a while ! BIG UPDATE i added a fake taskbar on /home pls check readme for info on it!! i wasnt updating here but i did keep watching texas chainsaw movies and i liked most of them . i might add all of em later but for now i added leatherface (2017) which was my fave new entry and the one i had the most to say about . also added dark waters 93 which ive been meaning to revisit for a while now .

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