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there will be a major shift in SOULBYTE's focus moving forward. big changes to come!
i couldnt find ur guestbook but i had to say how i adore the little nooks of ur site, it rlly feels airy and floaty
soulbyte 5 days ago

hey, thanks so much, i appreciate it!

I forgot to mention it earlier, but thank you all for 30 followers!! 💕 It makes me happy knowing people are enjoying my site. On another note, I'm about to have a very eventful week (potentially month?) so SOULBYTE is going on a soft hiatus. I'll do my best to keep up with everyone's sites, but I doubt my own site will update much if at all. Until then!
Bit of a weird request, but if any of you own or know of any angel/spirituality related pages please link them to me! You can reply to this post or email me at s0ulbyte at proton dot me. I'm recoding one of my pages and would love to add some external links!
Latest: Uploaded the notebook file! This is a dumping grounds for random thoughts and observations, and I'll likely go back and edit the entries whenever I see fit.
22yk01 1 month ago

waooo i love it so much...

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Not an update, but I just wanted to share how happy I am to have made this Neocities site. I'm learning a lot of coding and figuring out what I like and don't like, and each page I code is better than the last. That being said, the page I'm currently working on is my favorite potentially ever. It's simple, but I put a lot of love into it. Please look forward to it!
nenrikido 1 month ago

excited to see it! :-)

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kruzidula 1 month ago

I do look so forward<3 youre site looks wonderful, and cannot wait to see what you got brewing!

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Gentle reminder to upload images natively to your site! Hotlinking eats up bandwidth.
New page(s)! There's a few secret ones if you go looking for them, too.
npsojoh 1 month ago

i think the link should be /depths/[ooooo] ? i tried the link and finally saw that

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soulbyte 1 month ago

The link works for me, that's weird. I'll change it though, thanks for letting me know!

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npsojoh 1 month ago

oops just deleted my comment, but it's so cool im gonna repeat this again xd

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UPDATE: Contact page @ ! Definitely one of the pages I think is most unique! I had so much fun putting the little collage of papers together... ah, the wonder of PNGs.
vaultofsky 1 month ago


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