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Hey, figured I'd make a post here to let you all know that the next update is still in the works but things will likely be slow the rest of this month and the next as I'll be moving back to the UK with my other half and when we do get back, we'll be moving house pretty much straight away. My free time at the minute is pretty limited, so I really appreciate your patience.
peelopaalu 3 months ago

Also worth adding - I'll be making a news-post about this in slightly more detail on Peelopaalu in the next few days, so keep your eyes on that.

Neocities apparently has a length limit on posts, but I've written a bit of a TL;DR post about something really cool that an Anon created for Peelopaalu here: If you want to share your thoughts on this, feel free to either comment on it here, or email me about it by grabbing my email from the "What is this?" page of the site. - S
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