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thank u for the follow!! your site is mega cool i love it a lot :-) and srry for replying super late i havent checked neocities in a little while
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i might be a little late depending on your timezone, but happy birthday!!!
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dopestar 1 year ago

thank you!!

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happy 777 updates... my favourite angel number :-)
thanks for the follow, i had a lot of fun looking through your pages, especially your thoughts on tarot :-)
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colrana 1 year ago

yw! i also really enjoyed reading your piece in the observatory... the golden record is such a crazy and amazing thing that weve sent into unknown space. i used to have such a deep love for the stars, and your writing brought me back to those times ^^...

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omg im gonna cry i just noticed you have a little kitty who follows ur mouse!! that's so nostalgic for me i had her on my computer when i was younger
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dopestar 1 year ago

aaaa thats so lovely... reading this gave me a big smile :))) im definitely keeping her round ^ш^

u have been linked on my site!! :3
averyjupiter 1 year ago

yay tysm!! :3

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