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gonna be reorganising the site internals so if anything breaks please bear with me
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update: despite the best efforts of the CIA, i am not yet dead. but for seriously, real life has been rough recently so progress has been slower than anticipated. NO MORE PROMISES FOR UPDATE TIMES CAUSE I ALWAYS MISS THEM but i'm about 70% done with picking out pictures for days and 40% done with writing the days themselves.
ollys-site 1 year ago

PS: i have still been lurking and looking at your sites and theyre still banger

on account of my teeth literally falling apart in my mouth (i wish i was kidding) site will not be updated for a hot sec. thank you for your understanding.
disc-content 1 year ago


I am *HOPING* (no promises) that there should be a steady flow of pages again by monday. the recording is fully completed and pic grabbing is about 50% done, just need to finish getting pics and start writing! sorry for all the delays, i'm trying my best and i appreciate y'all sticking with me through this
probably not going to be anything today, didn't barely get much sleep last night sry.
day 10 is up wooo yeah babey
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