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just to let you know, some of the links on your front page are broken. you need to link the full https://www. url, otherwise it gives a page not found error
shinto-religion 10 months ago

Oops. That's good to know! Thank you.

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shinto-religion 10 months ago

Did I manage to fix it?

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ollys-site 10 months ago

oh! sorry i was talking about the sidebar, not the top bar. if you try to link to another site it needs to be the full https:// , if you're linking in-site then you can use shorter links

ollys-site 10 months ago

for example you can just do a href="/glossary.html" to link to the on-site glossary, but need to do a href="" to link to your tumblr

ollys-site 10 months ago

wait no, no www anymore. they've phased out www. it's just a href="" nowadays. my mistake

ollys-site 10 months ago

*shugo. neocities needs to add an edit button to replies.

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