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officially hit 1,000 site updates #NoLife #Loser
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is there such a thing as TOO MANY shrines...? i fear i won't be able to stop making them
i feel so stupid right now trying to understand iframes and like.. making pages that stick on one page, if that makes any sense.. hmm
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nalfae 2 months ago

so like... do u just make a bunch of html files.. then link em so they stay on one page? instead of reloading to an entirely new page?? i want to try my theory but i fear i'm a total buffoon

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diluculo 2 months ago

yeah thats how iframes work ^^ if you wanna change the linked file then you can add a button or link with an onClick function to load a diff html file

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nalfae 2 months ago

thank u both for the help :00 okay, it makes much more sense to me now, i think i'll have to play around with them to get the hang

nalfae! was updated.
2 months ago
bloodtypeoh 2 months ago

ur sona so cute 😭 and i lovelove the bloody boxer(?) sketch!! love seeing ur art :~)

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nalfae 2 months ago

thank u sm ( ;∀;) <3333

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