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recently switched back to firefox and its so weird how some stuff that shows on other browsers can look different on another.. anyways i fixed it so now it shouldn't be too different now
nalfae 6 months ago

woah okay just barely realized my chatbox doesn't show on firefox?? WHAT okay this is weird , i'm just gonna add a link to my nav i guess so people can use it there too?? hmm

bloodtypeoh 6 months ago

cbox is working for me! welcome to the firefox squad btw

nalfae 6 months ago

@bloodtypeoh that is soooo strange, it completely doesn't show on mine?? so weird.. ill keep using firefox though >:)

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humanfinny 6 months ago

yay firefox gang :D

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vukky 6 months ago


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turned off autoplay on all the pages, i think it's better to let people have the option to play my silly little songs instead :) also got tired of hearing the same song play whenever i had to preview my page LOL
nalfae! was updated.
6 months ago
matfloor 6 months ago

i'm still lucky to be able to use dumbphones where i live and i'm still trying to pick what one i actually want... honestly at this point switching to one would be easy for me since i already use separate camera and my ipod (i should finally swap this battery,,,). i like older smartphones though and older samsungs are really good (and sturdy) phones, i even used a 2016 j3 for a good while recently.

arlita 6 months ago

agree x1000 on everything you said, but esp about missing physical home buttons!!

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