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I like the way the images on your front page look (and the small file sizes). How did you make them look like that?
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saint-images 5 months ago

Thanks! I made those in Gimp. The images have been put through the Colors -> Dither tool and the text tool was set to "no antialiasing". The look was inspired with sample images from an old version of MS FrontPage. As for the gradient under the text, I wish I remembered because I can't recreate it right now (I have the template file saved though)... \( ̄︶ ̄*\)) Perhaps dithering was involved too.

saint-images 5 months ago

Now that you mentioned it, your WTC image also inspired me to do these.

floppys-lounge 5 months ago

Oh, okay. I'm glad you liked my image, I usually just steal them from somewhere and try to keep the filesize down. I use paint.NET but I like the dithered look of yours a lot.

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I saw your post in /retro/, nice site man.
loa2k 5 months ago

I remember you too :) happy to see the lounge still being updated.

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