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sdkcommunity-war-1.html to be released eventually, it will be a full detailing of the war (screenshots, webpages, etc). It starts August 2022, ends on January 23rd 2024 (Yeuron's banning). The war was admittedly pathetic, but funny as hell looking back on it considering the fact that, in spite of my poor execution, I had basically won. I will try to get as much of the war as possible archived on the website.
dc-blog 2 months ago

Real faces will be censored even if merely PFPs such as on Discord, same for real names. The discord # system is no longer in effect, however that makes it easier to find members so unless necessary, random members will likely be hidden from screenshots as well (I will usually not modify MAFF files though). Expect it to be the longest article yet, gonna basically be like a Wikipedia page but not gay usually.

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dc-blog 2 months ago

I will test out the note and citation system similar to wikipedia's due to the amount of sources going to be linked here (ie, using [1] or [a] instead of (IA,MOZ,etc) in the link}.

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dc-blog 2 months ago

After a while it devolves into just the SDK Discord, who's only able to argue against me if they have an admin threatening to ban me, being extra pathetic. As for why I chose Yeuron's ban date, it was due to why the war started in the first place (that and Star Shadow, who's also related to the beginning, literally died in like July 2023)

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connor7000 2 months ago


didntask 2 months ago

Need to know power levels and feats. Who'd win 1v1, Yeuron or Star Shadow?

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dc-blog 2 months ago

@didntask Yeuron because while he may be a faggot, he still probably has man strength. Star Shadow is a woman so she wouldnt win any fight like this.

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