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hiyya! im in the webring, im corvidae! im not sure how else to contact u so ill comment here hehe,, may you pls add my button? feel free to hotlink, i dont care!
corvidaegalaxy 1 month ago

OH OH and i just impulsively sent another application because i wanted to update my information and forgot i could just comment here.. please ignore that application! i just want my button above and my url changed to ! im so sorry for the inconvenience hahaa

Warm welcomes to our new members!
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Finally back online! I was without internet for a few weeks. Getting caught up on webring and neighbor requests today. :) So if you sent an application over the past few weeks and haven't been added yet, you will be today!
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Inactive sites whom haven't updated their webring widgets have been purged as of the 29th. If you have one of the sites that have been purged and would still like to be part of the ring, please update your widget, get in touch with me and I'll get you re-added to the directory and ring. :)

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