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I hope this is the right place to put this, but I think it would be good to put a notice on your main page saying to not record/repost content from your site, as TikTok people don't have respect for artists boundaries, so if it's something that couldn't be easily edited out of recordings, then it might help the problem! (But if they manage to exit it out, that's simply grounds for execution.)
c04x14l 5 months ago

But I totally get why you wouldn't want to though! I just thought I'd try to help by giving my thoughts on the issue! (But if you wanted to, something like a cute pixel-art anti-piracy warning might actually look cool! I'll probably make one for myself tbh lmao)

vukky 5 months ago

Hrm... Weren't those anti-piracy warnings a trend as well? I wouldn't be surprised if someone just cut it out (or uploaded it as its own #scary #creepypasta #antipiracyscreen video)

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c04x14l 5 months ago

@Vukky, that’s a good point! My first comment wasn’t clear, I actually had the VHS tape kind in mind, like the FBI warnings! I’d imagine those are MUCH less trendy and cute lmao

dokodemo 5 months ago

im probably just going to make a cute little graphic that appears somewhere on my homepage, it doesnt stand out but its still noticable. i might replace the little toro speech bubble text

For everyone who really digs the scavenger hunt on my page, I added a couple new pages and fixed one button with a typo. Make sure to check it out!
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