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happy halloween my little skrunklies :)
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yarrie 1 year ago

happy halloween (㇏(•̀ᵥᵥ•́)ノ) (retroactively)

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Really? I saw their tiktok and it says they haven't uploaded a vid in 2 years as well... unless I'm maybe looking at the wrong account? either way I hope they're doing ok ; _ ;
c04x14l 1 year ago

This should help! Unless I’m reading it wrong, the last post was in July, so it seems they’re doing well! ♡

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sometimes when I'm in my room alone working on something, I'll turn around quickly just to make sure no one is behind me questioning why I have three PNGs of glover plastered on my screen with no apparent reason
We are .net now!! Custom domain, baby!! If you hotlinked any images from my site, I think it might redirect, but please check in case you linked a button or something from my site! You worked hard to find the friends, I'd hate for you to lose your badges!
so i found ur site through imood of all things, and i was already diggin the omori theme, but when the parappa 2 music started i was sold. awesome site!

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