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hey i love your site, your models are super cute! ^w^ do you have a button that can be used to link to it?
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9 months ago
Hi! Think you could help me out? I'm a total noob and would love some advice... Like, how did you add your custom fonts - did you link them via .ttf files from your dashboard (like I've been struggling with), or a different way?? The cursor's awesome, too, I'd love a tip on how to add one! I know this is a *bit* much, but I'm confused and - as previously stated, and now probably obvious - a total noob. :'(
cmyk3d 1 year ago

Hi! Sorry for the late reply, I didn't see this message. I'm also somewhat of a noob, so my solutions might not be the best, but here's what I've got: All of these go in the style.css file, here is a screenshot of what I did:

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cmyk3d 1 year ago

both cur and png images work for the cursors, as for the font, I used one that most computers already have so I didn't link it from anywhere. So I don't know how to help you with custom ones. There's the @font-face feature, maybe this will help?

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1 year ago
cinnamuff 1 year ago

sick layout!!!

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2 years ago
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