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Apologies for the inactivity, but I just wanted to say thanks for 250k views!! The site is now six years old and the fact that people are still visiting and enjoying the content makes me incredibly happy.
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Check out my Etsy! I'm selling t-shirts, stickers, and other cool stuff!
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Thanks for following!!!
Thanks for the follow!!!!!!
Thx for the follow!!
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peanutbuttaz 6 months ago

of course!!!!!!!!!! your web site is spectacular

Thanks for putting my button up!!!! Love ur site !!!!
spacemonkeyz 7 months ago

thank you !!!! :) goes without saying i suppose but i love yours too !!!

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Hey yall! Just wanted to say thanks for 200,000 views!!! It's a huge milestone and I'm so happy that people visit my site. I apologize for the lack of updates to the site, if you wanna see some new stuff from me, you can check out my band's page at or check out! Thanks again for your support over the years (this site is officially 5 years old!)
Any ska fans round these parts? Just listened to the new Fishbone EP... they still got it! Ska lives!! Music like this gives me hope for the future of humanity.
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ugly74rg37 1 year ago

Haven't heard a lot of it, but I heard a jam band playing Ska style on Venice Beach last week.

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Thanks for the follow! Love your site !!!!!!
ecka 1 year ago

thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!! & likewise !!!!!!!!!!!!

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