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does anyone know roughly how long it takes for staff to get back to you after u send in a contact form?? :S
kenny46140 9 months ago

Yup, that's a good one! LOL. I've not done that, because well... ya know. Joppie? Could you answer this one?

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surgerywaste 9 months ago

i haven't contacted support either until today, so i was curious as to whether anyone had any pointers! thinking about it, i'll post my issue here too in case anyone else ran into it: the website (neocities, not my personal one!) bugged out when i went to upgrade to supporter, so i paid but it hasn't actually registered! planning on rehosting my other website here too so i thought i'd make the plunge

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kenny46140 9 months ago

Huh, that's kinda odd of them. Turkeys. Ya could ask some of the the top 30+ 'most followed' supporters, but you've probably thought of that. I'd say go that route. No harm in askin', right? Hope it gets fixed for ya and keep up the good work!

joppiesaus 9 months ago

To be honest, I have no idea! I paid using bitcoin, and that took a day or something, but that was a long time ago so I don't think it's a valid indication of how long it's going to take. good luck!

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