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having some problems with the widget for this webring - i'm not hosted on neocities which is maybe the problem? i've posted the supplied div/script code at the bottom of the page for now - any ideas what the issue is?
wolwebring 2 weeks ago

Hi! The widget should be sized properly now (you may have to reload the page or your cache for the jscript to update). I'm still looking to see what could be causing it to not be aligned properly, but thank you for letting me know! (I've been away from managing the webring for a bit, but I will keep an eye out to see if I can get it fixed!)

hello!! i recently changed to a custom domain. can my my info please be updated from to ? thank you so much! :D
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wolwebring 4 months ago

hey there! Sorry for getting to this so late, but i've got you updated! (and it has been properly redirecting to your current domain anyway so you're all set to go!) :3

Big thanks to everyone for 15k views!
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wolwebring 4 months ago

I'm gonna finally step up and do my best at thinking up a new layout! CSS has never been my forte, but here's to hoping I can figure something out that'll make this page look much nicer!

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