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person tryna insult you? just say "bruh you from ohio or something 😂😂😂😂" you win that shit automatically
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how in the actual FUCK do you people work with raster layers like legit
burhfart 4 days ago

as in raster layers with anti aliasing like its so ass

not even march and this year is already gonna be the year of tech that will end up reallllllly bad by like a couple of minutes or so
burhfart 4 days ago

apple vision pro and neuralink

recently set up mario artist studio and the music fucking ROCKS
burhfart 6 days ago

totaka my beloved

now that its (not) valetines day i can finally show this pic i made in flash like last year
burhfart 6 days ago

bee tee double u thats supposed to be a flower not a microphone

hate frylocks space ghost design like legit
burhfart 1 week ago

nothing like what i remembered from that rebel taxi video ong ong no cap

burhfart 1 week ago

i may or may not need to get certain words out my vocabulary

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh iss valetine
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