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seasalt98 1 year ago

images and shit are fixed now, forgot to upload them this morning lmao. Also im adding lots more sites to the list on my about!! and text...

I'm doing a lot of testing with JS right now so if you see a bunch an update its just that -w-; sorry...
strawberry-gashes 1 year ago

i think it only posts on feeds when you edit a .html file, and then it only posts one update every i think 24 hour cycle? i guess what i mean is do what you need to do and i don't think it'll post several times on the feed

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to go with my hellsing one I'll also be making more 88x31 little buttons for my other major fandoms like splatoon and young justice and hxh and some others!!
Hey all, I haven't updated for half a year even tho I had so many ambitions for this site(still do and i still have original drafts for the layouts for pages!) But I am an adult woman with 2 jobs. However as of Sunday I contracted Covid(I have never had it until my roomate got it recently whomp whomp). I have some updated versions of my home page as well as some ground work for my about and a few shrine pages.
im still learning and im slow and hesitant abt a lot so any help/feedback is appreciated and encouraged!!
SOMEHOW I'M NOT DEAD, lot of developement on my other pages, so I uploaded the edited index and journal pages but Im still real unsure abt the layout and bg of the index/enter page so pls give me any crit you have!

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