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I wish there was a way to filter out the "you follow" things. It's kinda annoying going through several pages of me following a site just to see something I posted. :/
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Updated my page to celebrate MAR10 day! I plan to do something more elaborate next time. (When I get my site done first lol)
Cool ass site! 👍
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Something I'd like to say for everyone making their sites. If you're bored or stuck on a page, work on another one. Even if it isn't high priority!
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thechillzone 1 year ago

great advice!! working on a page you dont feel like working on causes burnout quickly in my experience

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queenofarms 1 year ago

@ thechillzone I agree and sometimes you have to work on other pages to! For me I have to work on a few more pages before I can make my index pages.

*yamcha death pose*
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Hey guys I'm currently working on a temporary layout! RN I have 2/13+ pages done.
queenofarms 1 year ago

I wanted to post this here since I know some people who'll see this might not have a mastodon account.

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