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i've been SO busy with school i need to update UGH
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nickolox 2 months ago

it's okay! take your time, even if it's just a little bit each day! I'm glad you haven't forgotten about the site though! ^_^

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dude i checked out your site and i ended up playing that 'a dark room' game for like three hours straight! XD thanks for the link!
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raisingsunshine 3 months ago

Absolutely, thank you! The cool thing, too, is that it's over 90% JavaScript! Not that I'm good enough to read that code, but it sure is something. One day I will be good enough! Hahaha

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ok my site looks super messed up on my end but it should be okay otherwise? it's not really what i wanted but i knew i just had to update the index today sighhh.
ahh i've been so lazy i need to update my sitee! ok i will do it tonight i promise you all!
need matcha... must have energy to work on wembsite...
I updated the entrance to my site...not quite right.... any recs?

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