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hi, i joined the null webring, but i can't seem to find my site url on the webring participants list
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rotaryphoney 3 weeks ago

whoops i didnt see that its added now, thank you :]

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Hey, I just changed my username, but I can't change it on the webring- I made a new website with my old username to redirect, which may be causing issues, although it wasn't working beforehand either (before adding a manual redirect i got an error 400, now it's giving error 200). Would it be possible to manually update it? My former username is harmonslashcassie
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Hi, I joined the webring but I can't find my site on the participants list.
varchar 6 months ago

Nvm it's there now, thanks :]

Hi i tried to join the webring but i don't understand the verification instructions is there any other way to join?
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Hello! Just joined the webring but doesn't look like I'm on the participants list
space-bar 7 months ago

Oops I see it now. LOL! Thank you! <3

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