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Almost finished Lyndheid's profile. Just got to do a little bit about how she comes to Erebor.
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Having a quiet Saturday morning writing. I think I might stop it there for now.
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Yeah i seen that about Bravenet. dont blame you for not wanting anything to do with them. it was a pain enough for me when GeoCities went under as it was
bright-eyes 1 year ago

Geocities was where I made the first site - didn't even have a debit card in those days so paying for hosting wasn't an option. Then I liked the flexibilty of bravenet when I found it, then went on to paid hosting for a while but the problem with that is keeping up the payments. I'm going to move everything to neocities and this will be my last year with that host and become a supporter here.

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bright-eyes 1 year ago

I was excited about using wordpress, forum software and other types of software, but it always seemed to distract from making content. I won't miss php and other scripts.

tinypaws 1 year ago

Same here with GeoCitites being where i made my first site :D Bravenet i found by accident maybe 5months or something before GeoCities shut down. i was thinking of using Bravenet as a host but at the time had too much in real life going on an my webpage making days went by the wayside many a year later until i stumbled upon NeoCities. maybe one day i'll become a supporter as well :D

tinypaws 1 year ago

Wordpress i havent dipped my toes into but maybe i should one day just to see what it is like :D

Plant pots, trays and window sills are all clean for planting once the wind has ceased blowing...

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