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The photo of ene on your frontpage sent me back to early highschool omg. Love the site and keep up the vibes! I am probs going to rewatch kagepro now bc of u lol
aidiapink 6 months ago

okay wait where can I stream the anime, I dont think its on crunchyroll ;(

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apt107 6 months ago ;) and im so glad i could inspire you omg!!! ;▽;

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👉👈 im too shy to post directly on their feeds but since des, дідько and dumbie didn't have buttons i slapped some together to put on my button wall ^^ (also omg i only just realized they all start with "d" LOL i swear that was not intentional)
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Thanks for the follow, your site looks cool so far! ^^
ty for the follow!!! i love ur site so far, i'm excited to see more!! ^_^
Appreciate the follow! :D

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