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i should probably just rework my entire site or something ngl. i want to make the index page cooler
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vauxov 1 month ago

unrelated kind of but i like splatoon now despite never having played the games am i considered a fake fan or smth. asking for a friend

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vauxov 1 month ago

(i might make a splatoon shrine in the future)

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holy fuckign shit i actually manged to complete the page i was stuck on for more than a month this is incredible thank you neocities i am kissing you on the lips
were back at full throttle i guess. im going to use as much time i have left until my computer explodes again and try to work on this bitch once more
vauxov 1 month ago

now i can actually work on my links page and throw people into all the stupid shit websites i like i guess

hmm wondering if i can make this thing work again.
vauxov 1 month ago

omg it works again lol better use it while it lasts

Really cool site!!!!!
neocities is still acting weird in that it just wont update my site anymore until an hour or more has passed. its definetly not my PC because mobile still doesnt update either, and ive already tried emailing neocities about it to no avail. i honestly dont know if i have the motivation to work on this site anymore... ive just given up hope.
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