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im glad youre back!
@cory hello
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Menu will be updated tomorrow. Play here:
onionclicker 1 year ago

The features I wanted in the menu were hard to implement. :( Idea was scrapped but I might come back to it later though.

🎉 Onion Clicker 3 Year Anniversary Celebration! 🎉 From now until July 15th, you will gain: +20% Onion making speed, x2 Onions per Second, and x2 Onions per Click.
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I'm going to start adding more items to the shop including ones with new mechanics. Like items that increase the amount of onions you gain per click, items that make you gain onions faster, items that give you a large amount of onions over a long period of time, etc.
I like clicking on that onion haha. Nice design too
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