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Hey I added your site to my webring, I hope you don't mind. But also I have a suggestion, why not make your site a github repo? This would allow others to do the hard work of adding femboys to the list without relinquishing any amount of ownership of your site.
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fbdb 2 months ago

Whoops. Sorry for the previous comment, I accidentally hit the wrong enter. I don't know much about webrings, but thanks I think. Also funny enough, I started on this site way before I knew how to use Git and well, now I do. And the public Github repo sounds like a good idea. Thank you.

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are you going to continue updating this database?
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fbdb 9 months ago

Hello yes, I'm still alive. I will update when I have the time. If I didn't lost my list of femboys yet to add, a new update would have come much earlier.

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Hello! I like your website! Do you take suggestions? because I know a series (a indie Japanese Game developer) that has a gigantic list of femboys/traps.
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theacidictoxic 1 year ago

ig gignatic is an exaggoration it does have quite a bit

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fbdb 1 year ago

Thank you and thanks for asking, I gladly accept suggestions. Always glad to add more onto my list.

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Can't believe I just found the best website on Neocities.
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why do i do this to myself
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