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Definitely preparing to overhaul my sites main page, i think I’ve learned enough abt coding now to make something better from scratch
uncovered a childhood memory of making a """website""" in powerpoint for pokemon stuff and cat pics... now im making an actual website that partly features those things. awesome
onemillionfurries 1 day ago

thats so cool! i cant wait to see it :D

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more i learn abt coding the more i wanna overhaul so many of the pages bluh
thinking of redoing my favicon and making a new site badge.. i did the ones i currently have with my mouse in 5 mins lol
digitalcat 4 days ago

paw cursor can stay though, i think that one came out unexpectedly well despite being made really quick

digitalcat 4 days ago

wouldnt be getting rid of the other site badge either btw. just making a more detailed one as an option too

tf page is up buttt still largely unfinished ill continue it tomorrow tho. ive been working on it for goddamn hours
probably putting way too much effort into my next shrine page
digitalcat 4 days ago

definitely going to have to go back into the others and drastically edit them so they look just as good but idm i kinda intended to anyways

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