for great justice.

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sorry no updates ive been too busy writing and shit theres gonna be a new writing gigaupdate soon-ish-esque
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why didnt i put dates on anything now i need to fucking reverse engineer this shit
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ollys-site 1 year ago

marvel over the beautiful placeholder logo, and my inability to draw an r

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im back from holiday bitches time to still not update my site but with passion
got quite a backlog of writing to put up but im waiting till ive got the new writing layout down
sorry to everyone whos had to deal with me going mental illness mode btw its becuase im mentally ill :broken_heart:
went outside and my mental health is ok now. its really that simple?
ollys-site 1 year ago

might actually do some code today. been meaning to rework the writing index to be less shit for WEEKS now

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