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sorry for nothing of anything recently. there is covid-19 in my home
lozeldafan 1 year ago

Same boat. Stay safe <3 We care more about you as a person than your site updates!

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sorry for the late response to the late response but i was eeping. anyway my discord is on my homepage if you wanna hmu i can send you my shit
gonnefishin 1 year ago

aight, gotcha! I was also eeping (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

the pain of no beta readers
ollys-site 1 year ago

if any of you are willing to beta read please let me know im dying out here

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gonnefishin 1 year ago

beta reader? like proofreading? lol (°ー°〃)

ollys-site 1 year ago

kinda proofreading except also kinda not. basically its just someone to read it beforehand to go "this bit sucks" or "this angle is good and you should lean into it more" before release because its really embarassing to go back and change parts of the thing after its already out

ollys-site 1 year ago

like a test audience for a tv show

gonnefishin 1 year ago

oh yeah, sick, i'd be down but idk if i'm the best fit for it L O L. sorry for the late reply, was streemin 🐁

new writing is up! forgot that it was made for .txt formatting so i can literally just throw it on there and it just works!
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if hatsune miku was transmasc would he wear a thomas jefferson binder
would yall prefer i go back and revamp some of the .txt writings to be .html or should i just keep them as is and dump some more txts
ollys-site 1 year ago

please bear in mind the most realistic outcome: i will be too tired to do anything

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