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woahhhh new neocities layout that's kinda funky
isaacfish 1 year ago

or maybe it's always been like this and im just unobservant. who's to say?

DONE! finally!! that only took.... what, 6 hours? I've simplified the heck out of things by using proper stylesheets and javascript. Unfortunately this is the kind of update where if you notice a major difference, that means i've failed lol
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isaacfish 1 year ago

the only thing that's changed that's super visible from the front end is that theres no longer a warning page! instead, theres a button you click to display all gifs :)

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geouniversal 1 year ago

the display gifs function works perfectly! and thnaks for the button! i haven't added buttons in a couple years, will have to get back to it

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ok ive started sorting everything out using stylesheets and the calc() function,, so far i've only set up /updated/about.html but if you compare it to /about_me.html it looks so much better and scales well too
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ok ive written a bit of a to-do list.. not going to have much time for the next week or two though im afraid
i never update the changelog maybe ill just start updating here
isaacfish was updated.
1 year ago
NEW HOMEPAGE DONE!! i'm rlly happy with it!!!
naxdot 1 year ago

looks awesome i love it:D

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i forgot how much i love working on this site omg. hopefully by this time next week the magnus archives and our flag means death pages will be semipresentable!!!
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