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love ur site! are u a practacing pagan atm?
i have the v4 and accessories in my e-cart, just waiting for a pay day to show up! will be good to do this again, thanks for reigniting !
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web radio ftw. also i would argue that hosting is not totally neciccary. at least where i live u can pick up an old laptop off a friend/family/fb marketplace for cheap. domestic internet is not a problem with free dynamic dns services like duckdns (giving u an unchainging endpoint) and frontends can be hosted for free with neocities. tldr: you can do it for free with the right learning resorces
i love the noaa and this site
geouniversal 1 month ago

thank you! i lent my usb radio too my friend but i plan to get it back and start getting more :)

breakglass 1 month ago

i would love to do some sdr would u recomend any kit on the cheap side

breakglass 1 month ago

+for now im forced to use public data to produce my weather reports (: []

geouniversal 1 month ago

i first (and only i guess!) have used this one with this antenna Tram-1185-Amateur-Dual-Band-Antenna

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geouniversal 1 month ago

i would recommend the v4 as it is the newest / best / cheapest i can find right now. and you will need the adaptor for your antenna to connect to the usb stick, i think this one? but no idea if this site is any good, i think i used amazon just sending you the first images i find

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breakglass 3 weeks ago

oh sick! think imma get one (: I have this horn antenna that i found in some surplus that ive wanted to use for ages but its pretty small so pretty high frequency ... thank you for the info much appreciated!!!

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