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heyyy haven't been here in a while BUT,,, my other neocities site is finally done. mwehehe.
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sceneofthecrash 8 months ago

its so cool!!!

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hellspit 8 months ago

realized that the mobile version wasn't working correctly WHOOPS that's fixed now lmfao

anyway songs for the day are black gold (leæther strip) / and nazis auf speed (Die krupps)
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random thought of the day: I hate the “no one would work if they weren’t incentivized to !!!1!1!” argument is that besides the obvious fact of it being wrong (humans like doing things) why tf does it matter ? :| I’ve had days where all I’ve done is sit on my ass and play video games all day. that doesn’t make me any less valuable as a human being
replaced shut me up in the sidebar with the eisenfunk pong vid due to recent events. also apparently a diary entry got uploaded lolz
became a supporter just so i could nab the skinnypuppy url because i realized it was open
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hellspit 9 months ago

im going to make a shrine out of it methinks :) im not a url hoarder

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currently working on my side site, i think ill be able to reveal it soon ! :D i've got one last major file to finish and it should be pretty easy afterwards
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hellspit 9 months ago

i'm still planning on doing the jthm shrine ofc, but if you haven't noticed already, i have Major ADHD brain so things never get done linear-ly LMFAO

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today’s song is sick fuck by unter null :)

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